One of a Kind

by Mary Lou Stocker
When you look in a mirror,
 Whom do you see?
 You will say, “Don't be silly;
 I see only me!” 
 But study more closely
 Your faithful reflection,
 The eyes and the lips,
 Your shade of complexion;
 Then try to imagine,
 From the whole human race,
 Those myriad forebears
 Who fashioned your face. 
 Did your eyes come from Erin,
 Your chin from old Rome,
 Your mouth from the Highlands,
 Your cheekbones from Nome?
 Oh could you but know
 The adventures of those
 Whose genes through the ages
 Determined your nose! 
 Were your ancestors slaves
 Or were they free men?
 Did they stand fast for justice
 Again and again?
 Where they pirates or Kings,
 Rebels or Tories?
 You can only surmise
 Their struggles and glories. 
 They each gave you something:
 Once more take a view;
 Aren't you glad to be special?
 There's no one like you!